andrea dziob
Differences in human beings.

Never knock a person for having an over abundance of a quality.
Such as someone who’s very uptight.
We need extremely uptight people to balance out the extremely laid back ones.
Instead of fighting with eachother about how one person never does a certain action,
Work together.
Each of you do what you’re best at.
You’ll notice things will get done more efficiently & organized without all the headaches on “whose turn is it now”.
See, the world is all about balance & working together as a whole.
Society forgets that sometimes.
We tend to degrade others that our different from ourselves.
But our characteristics weren’t designed to all be the same.
They’re all different for a reason.
We all have our talents, and things were not so good at.
Try to surround yourself with the people you can complete, not compete.


Everyone has their own views, opinions, & beliefs.

Ignorance is when you don’t respect that idea.

We’re “individuals’ for a reason. We’re made to be different. So, why are we all trying to reflect one specific image thats put out in the media? Why when we act ourselves, we’re ridiculed? Why can’t people respect the fact that we’re all made different and allow us to be who we really are?

I’m sure you want to be respected, so give the world what you would want for yourself. Change starts from the inside and works outward. If you start to think more respectfully, your actions will show it. Changing the world for the better starts with one person at a time, it starts with yourself.